I was a registered respiratory therapist and after 18 years of loving my job I just couldn’t take the hours anymore.  I decided to see if I could find work from home.  Around the same time, my Dad became had a stroke and needed assistance at home.  So, when I listened to the information about ExecswithMoxie I knew I had found my new source of income and at the same time I would be still helping others and able to be the one to take care of my Dad.

Now I am my own boss,  I create my own hours and can operate from anywhere in the world. A solid, recession proof, reliable residual income where I am helping the planet and hundreds of other people in ways more vast than I ever imagined! I am able to use the skills I have from the hospital in a new way.  I am still helping people just in a different way. Instead of dispensing medicine, I am dispensing information and love.

Bragging rights
owner of business at home, caregiver to Dad for 8 years, respiratory therapist for 18 years, graduated from college

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