Life Skill and Info for Epilepsy Community

How This Watch Could Help Save the Life of a Person Prone

 to Seizures

Despite how movies often portray them, seizures can be subtle, go unnoticed by onlookers or strike when a person is alone. But a new watch may help detect the unexpected and save a few lives in the process.

“The Embrace,” designed by computing company Empaticamonitors seizures, stress, activity and sleep. It can also send an alert to loved ones via their smartphones if its wearer has a seizure.

“Our device is… designed to save lives for a lot of people with epilepsy,” Rosalind Picard, Chief Scientist at

explains in the video below.

Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder, according to The Epilepsy Foundation. The condition affects everyone from newborns to the elderly, so the Embrace works to help people of all ages.

The device measures both movement and physiological signals. It can be programmed to vibrate when its wearer’s stress levels are rising. A person can also access all of his or her health data through a supplementary app called Empatica Mate.

For every watch purchased, Empatica donates an additional one to a child who can’t afford it in a program called “Buy 1 Give 1.” Donated watches will be distributed through The Epilepsy Foundation.

You can now order an Embrace watch through its website for $199, but the estimated delivery date isn’t until December 2015.


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